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Which Insect Pests Are Most Problematic In Urban And Suburban San Antonio?

Which Insect Pests Are Most Problematic In Urban And Suburban San Antonio?

San Antonio Mosquito Control

The hot and humid summers in Texas are when all the local creepy-crawlies come out to play, meaning that while the human residents are out having fun in the sun, they also have to remember to watch out for the many insect pests that are out and about. San Antonio has a plethora of insects that sting, bite, or are just a plain nuisance, so here are some of those insect pests people need to look out for during these hot months.

San Antonio’s lush ground cover with big, leafy trees, river, and humidity attract American cockroaches in the droves, providing them with the perfect atmosphere in which to live happily and breed to their heart’s content. These are not the tiny German cockroaches that you tend to find running around your home either, but rather the massive, flying kind that will send even the bravest of souls screaming away in fear. Thankfully, while you can’t escape their presence outside, you can keep them from invading your home. They tend to be found under the sink and don’t breed as quickly as the German cockroaches, so are easier to control if discovered inside. If you want to keep out these monsters, make sure to seal up any cracks in your home where they could sneak inside.

Mosquitos are the next insect pest that will make life miserable in San Antonio during the warm summer months. Mosquitos tend to be the most difficult pest to keep away. They can breed in as little as a bottle cap of water, making it almost impossible to find and eliminate every spot with standing water around your home. The best way to protect yourself against these disease-spreading, blood-sucking pests is to wear protection, such as a bug spray containing DEET and long sleeve shirts and pants, against these insects whenever you are outside. Try to drain any standing water located around your home as well to limit areas where they can breed.

Ants are another insect pest that come out en masse to make our lives miserable in the hot and humid weather. Heavy rains help to make the ant presence grow out of control, particularly when it comes to fire ants. Fire ants live deep underground, so heavy rain forces them to push their colony to the surface to keep from drowning. Large ant beds will appear where they’ve pushed their colony to the surface. Luckily, using a simple ant pesticide should take care of ants in your yard. However, a new species of crazy ants, known as raspberry crazy ants, is creating a bit more of a problem. Their colonies can proliferate to the point where they are so abundant they wipe out all of the other ant colonies and take over.

What insect pest have you seen the most of this summer?