San Antonio: (830) 931-1292 | Waco: (254) 224-6744 | College Station: 979-431-3992

San Antonio: (830) 931-1292 Waco: (254) 224-6744 College Station: 979-431-3992


Eco Friendly Termite Control With Sentricon!
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Traditional Liquid VS Termite Baiting


Watch this video and learn how our termite control system works.

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iPest Solutions protects Central Texas homes and commercial buildings from termites with the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System featuring Always Active technology. An eco-friendly termite treatment. The Sentricon System is installed around the home or building structure creating a barrier of protection against Termites.

San Antonio Texas Termite Inspection
Sentricon Termite System San Antonio Texas
San Antonio Texas Termite Control
Termite Treatments San Antonio Texas


Protect your investment with termite pretreatment powered by Sentricon. Termite damage is NOT covered by your homeowners insurance. Termite pre-treatment helps protect builders & home-owners protect their properties in the event of an attempted infestation . Take a look below to learn more about your Sentricon pretreatment options with iPest San Antonio or simply contact us via phone or the convenient contact form below.

Waco Termite Control

Bora-Care Pretreatments

Keep your peace of mind by using one of iPest’s trained and licensed pest control technicians to pre-treat your project site with Bora-Care; a long lasting termite control spray, applied directly to wood framing & foundations. This safe & effective treatment is the perfect way to keep your property termite & fungus free!

San Antonio Bora-Care Pretreatments copy

Liquid Termite Pretreatments

Liquid treatment around the perimeter of a wood-framed structure has been a tried and true method of keeping the critters out for decades. Effective and affordable, iPest Solutions’ Liquid Termite Pre-Treatments protect the interior structure of your home by forming a barrier too strong for any bug to penetrate. Forget the Rest & Choose the BEST! Choose iPest!

Termite Pretreatments Waco


Termite inspections of your prospective new home are a must; as termite damage isn’t typically covered by most home insurance policies. iPest Solutions delivers thorough inspections and leaves no stone unturned. Protect your future investment and maintain transparency with the current owner.

Trust iPest Solutions for all of your termite inspection needs. We service Greater San Antonio, College Station, and many other cities & towns Termite Inspections throughout Central Texas. A typical real estate inspection includes a visit from a highly trained & certified staff member who works through an extensive checklist through all visible and accessible spaces on the property, followed by the submission of our findings to your title/escrow agency, and completion of the state mandated, Texas Official Wood Destroying Insect Report.

waco termites

Added benefits of an inspection by iPest

Our full property pest inspection also often identifies other unforeseen issues with the property. Our inspectors have a trained eye and look out for all of the below.
  • iplan
  • icomplete
$59 Monthly
Starting at $199 Setup
100% Guarantee
Over 20 Pests Covered
Kid and Pet Friendly
Bi-Monthly Service
Order Now

iPlan Pest Control Program

Get peace of mind with the iPlan. With over 20 different pests covered iPest will service both the interior and exterior of your home on a Bi-Monthly basis. We begin each service with a comprehensive inspection to determine the perfect plan of attack that fits your specific needs followed by a customized treatment process. iPest will target and treat all harborage areas in and around your home, provide a perimeter barrier, sweep the eves and provide a multi-target granular application. Our service is fully guaranteed, so if the need arises at any point in between scheduled services, we’ll be back to address the issue at no additional cost to you.

iBundle Pest Control Program

Termites are continuously foraging up to the length of a football field, protect your biggest investment with the iBundle. A certified Sentricon Specialist will install the latest termite technology around the entirety of your home to ensure long term protection against termites. With the iBundle you package both termite and pest control. With over 20 different pests covered iPest will service both the interior and exterior of your home quarterly basis. We begin each service with a comprehensive inspection to determine the perfect plan of attack that fits your specific needs. We follow that with our all-inclusive treatment process. iPest will target and treat all harborage areas in and around your home, provide a perimeter barrier, sweep the eves and provide a multi-target granular application. Our service is fully guaranteed, so if the need arises at any point in between scheduled services, we’ll be back to address the issue at no additional cost to you.

$149 Monthly
*Initial Setup fee Applies Starting at $599*
100% Guarantee
Over 20 Pests Covered
Kid and Pet Friendly
Bi-Monthly Service
Subterranean Termite Protection
Order Now

iComplete Pest Control Plan

Want the most protection inside and out. With the iComplete we have included the iBundle and BiteBack program all in one package. Get termite, pest, ant and mosquito protection year round along with preferred scheduling through our VIP Program. Call before 2pm and get same day service.

iCare Plan
$89 Monthly
Starting at $169 Setup
Exterior Only

Order Now

iCare Pest Control Plan

iPest can keep your home pest free while staying chemical free. The initial service would include both treatment and mechanical alterations, such as sealing plumbing penetrations and weep holes. Once per month we’ll continue to service the home’s exterior through a variety of green products as well as make note and recommend corrections of any conducive conditions that may be present.

BiteBack Plan
$79 Monthly
No Setup Fee
Mosquito, Fleas, and Ticks
Service March - November

Order Now

BiteBack Pest Control Plan

Bite back! – Take control of your backyard with our signature BiteBack plan. iPest provides a complete remediation mosquito, fleas and ticks in the months of March-November. Through industry-leading research, we’ve developed an effective and efficient plan to help you bite back.

*Add fire ant control with granular application throughout lawn annually for $199

Request a Free Inspection

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