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 What’s That Pest In my Bathroom?

 What’s That Pest In my Bathroom?

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Whether you are in a house or an apartment, it is easy to run into unwanted pests in any part of your home. Bathrooms are meant to be an area where you can get clean so, seeing an unwanted visitor in this space can be off-putting at times. The most common insects that are seen in bathrooms are cockroaches, ants, silverfish, spiders and centipedes.

Cockroaches are regularly found in bathrooms mostly because they are drawn toward sewers and drains. These insects prefer warm and wet environments, making bathrooms a great place for them to habitat. If a bathroom is not sanitized correctly and left with drains that are not regularly cleaned or covered, it is easy for these pests to make the bathroom a home of theirs. Cockroaches can travel to other parts of the home very easily so it is vital to stop these pests at their source.

Carpenter and pharaoh ants are the most common species found in bathrooms. Carpenter ants need water to survive so they are drawn toward the wet wood that can be found in some bathrooms. Pharaoh ants enjoy warm and humid areas with lots of access to water as well. Because of this, bathrooms are a great place for these arthropods to thrive.

Some bathrooms have mold growth due to moisture buildup and this is something that attracts silverfish. Along with this, silverfish are also drawn to the moist habitat that a drain mimics in most instances. With a perfect climate and mold to feed on, bathrooms are a perfect spot for these pests. Much like cockroaches, silverfish can also travel to other parts of the home to feed on different items such as cardboard and paper.

Spiders and centipedes are less common in the bathroom but, they sometimes make their way into this space in search for water. Along with this, these two insects like to feed on the smaller bugs that can commonly be spotted in the bathroom. If either of these two are on the hunt for food, they may stumble across your bathroom.

Bugs are not fun to find in any area of your home and especially not in the bathroom. If you have seen any unwanted pests in the lavatory, make sure to call us here at iPest Solutions. We will make sure to flush away all of your pest-related problems and prevent them from happening again.

Have you ever seen any of these pests in your home bathroom?