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The Super Subterranean Termite Species Infesting America

The Super Subterranean Termite Species Infesting America

Homeowners and pest control specialists have come across a species of termites that can only be referred to as super termites. The “super termite” nickname comes from the fact that these termites will eat through wood very aggressively, to the point where they can consume an entire foot-long 2×4 in under a month. This is a rate that is ten times faster than your regular subterranean termite species.

Super termites are also known as Formosan subterranean termites and they can have colonies that number in the millions, while normal termite species will be in the thousands. On top of that, they can be difficult to exterminate because they are known to burrow up to 300 feet underground from their hive.

The species is believed to have reached the US in the 1950s, when military hardware was returned from the Korean War. Within this cargo, there were wooden pallets that were infested with super termites, and from there, the termites took over any area that they had occupied. However, there are reports that entire populations of super termites have been completely wiped out in certain counties so there is hope.

Originally, the termites landed in Charleston, South Carolina, but from there, they have spread across the country over the years, reaching as far as the Midlands, something that the experts believed would not happen for at least another decade.

The termites themselves are not dangerous to humans, despite causing a tremendous amount of damage to buildings. However, they can spread out and infest larger areas if one of their colonies or subcolonies are threatened.

Luckily, despite being super termites, they are still vulnerable to termite control methods just like their native subterranean termite cousins. Pest control professionals have been able to use liquid barriers and baits effectively against Formosan subterranean termites for decades, so with this new addition to the Midlands, not much will change in terms of traditional pest control options. However, regular inspections will become even more important now, since these termites can cause more damage faster than other species.

If you have noticed signs of a termite infestation in your home, it’s important to call a pest control specialist right away. As colonies grow larger, so does their ability to do damage, so the longer you wait, the higher the cost of treatment and the cost of home repairs that you will have to foot the bill for. Contact us today to set up a pest control appointment.