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The Link Between Cockroaches And Asthma

The Link Between Cockroaches And Asthma

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The Link Between Cockroaches And Asthma

Most of us feel disgust and dread when we see a cockroach, and the reaction is entirely justified. Especially since researchers at Columbia University found a link between asthma and exposure to cockroach dust.

This research was conducted in New York city, and scientists found that children who slept in roach infested homes had much higher rates of asthma than children who did not. The dust, which included the dust of roaches, mice and cats, was collected from the beds of 239 children, aged 7 to 8, scattered throughout various locations in the city. This study showed that children from neighborhoods with high asthma rates were more likely exposed to cockroaches, than the children who did not have asthma. While there have been other studies to expose this link, this is the first study to expose the link between high asthma neighborhoods and neighborhoods with high rates of cockroach infestations.

This study also sheds some light on why asthma rates vary so greatly among children from neighborhood to neighborhood. It’s also important to note that while levels of mice and cat allergens were also higher in neighborhoods with higher asthma rates, the link was not strong enough to indicate a causal relationship. On top of that, researchers have found a link between lower asthma rates and cat ownership.

The Importance Of Pest Control

It’s hard to overstate the importance of keeping your home free of cockroaches. Besides asthma, they carry numerous other diseases, and they are not a very pleasant addition to the home.

There are many ways to get rid of a cockroach infestation, from using pesticides to setting up traps. We often write about these DIY methods on our blog. However, truly removing an infestation from your home can be hard, especially after the roaches started nesting. Roach nests can be huge, and pest control specialists will often use vacuums to suck up all the insects.

The signs of a roach infestation

Cockroach infestations have several telltale signs. To start, you will begin to notice their droppings which are dust-like in appearance and resemble ground coffee. They will also leave smear marks as they crawl on horizontal surfaces. You may even notice their egg capsules, which are called ootheca. The capsules will vary in appearance by species, but for the German cockroach an ootheca is a round capsule that has about 18 segments. Other signs of an infestation include damage to leather products and books, and an unusual odor.

Do you have a cockroach infestation?

If you have noticed any of these signs in your home, or if you have seen cockroaches scurrying around, it’s best to call a pest control expert. Roach infestations can be removed quickly with the right tools and expertise. Do not let an infestation go unattended, as it may get out of hand with a nest containing up to several hundred insects. Contact us today if you have noticed an infestation and we will come handle it right away.