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The House Mouse 411

The House Mouse 411


The house mouse can be a giant pest. It will enter the home, build nests, contaminate food, cause damage and spread disease. It also reproduces very fast, and a couple of mice can turn into a sprawling infestation in a short period of time, if left to their own devices. As such, homeowners should be equipped with the knowledge of how to control a house mouse infestation. Here are some of the commonly asked questions that we’ve received from our customers:

What do mice eat?

Mice have a diet that consists mainly of plants and grains, but they are generally omnivorous. You may see broken into packages around your home, especially if they contain dried foods. They may even dabble in your pet’s food.

Why is there shredded paper and black rice around the home? Do I have a pest infestation?

If you find small, rice-like black pellets in the home and shredded paper, you likely have a house mouse infestation. They will use any soft material, including shredded paper to build their nest, and the black rice-like pellets are mouse droppings.

Where do I place the mousetrap?

So you have a mouse infestation and you want to take care of it, but where do you place the traps? Mousetraps should be placed in locations that mice frequent. This can mean placing the traps where you see droppings, or along the walls, since mice like to stick close to the walls because it makes them harder to detect.

Why are the traps not catching anything?

Mice are inquisitive and paranoid animals. They will be aware and wary of any new object in their environment. As such, trap placement is essential. If the traps are in conspicuous locations, the mice will not touch them. The best locations for traps are either on the mice’s walkways, near food and water sources, or in areas where you notice a lot of mice feces.

Which is the best bait for a mouse trap?

We all know the trope: mice love cheese! However, this is not actually accurate. The most attractive bait for a house mouse is peanut butter, followed by bacon, dried food, sticky candies and nuts. These foods are high in calories, protein, fats or sugar, and they are irresistible to mice

Mouse pest control can be a difficult endeavor and completely removing a nest from a building can be tough. If you need any help, contact us today, and we will send over one of our team members to help you out.