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The Acrobatic Abilities Of Mice

The Acrobatic Abilities Of Mice

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One of the ways in which mice manage to survive is through their acrobatic abilities, in particular their ability to climb. In fact, mice are so good at climbing that they have no problem scaling vertical surfaces.

Wall surfaces that mice can climb

Mice can climb any surface that is even remotely rough. They have tiny claws that allow them to latch on to any surface that has a porous or uneven finish. For example, concrete has a lot of tiny air bubbles in it, and this creates a rough enough surface for the mice to grip onto. Other surfaces that mice find climbable include shingles, wood finishing, siding, and stucco.

Mice can also take advantage of a variety of climbing props. For example, if they cannot grip onto a surface, but there is an electrical cord running alongside it, the mice can use the cord to climb.

When inside the home, mice will usually set up inside wall voids, which is where they will use their excellent climbing abilities to travel around the home. Inside these wall voids, you have insulation, pipes, wires, and other support structures, and the surface on the interior of the wall is usually very rough.

Mice are also excellent jumpers and swimmers, which adds to their repertoire of infiltration abilities. On top of that, they can squeeze through very tiny holes, even holes as small as a quarter of an inch in diameter. When trying to prevent a mouse infestation, you will have to find these holes and seal them, which can be a very difficult task, because they are typically along carpeted areas, corners, or other hidden areas.

Stopping mice from entering the home

To stop mice from entering the home, your best bet is to work with a pest control pro. Pros will know the common entry points into the home, and they will perform an inspection to see if there are any particularly vulnerable areas. They will then proceed to seal the entry points with either caulk or steel wool.

Your odds of stopping infestations from happening are a lot higher if you work with a pro. The same goes for pest control. Dealing with an infestation by yourself can be overwhelming, and DIY efforts are often unsuccessful or inefficient. If you would like to know more about mouse prevention and control, or if you would like to set a pest control appointment, contact us today.