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Termite Control – When Should You Hire a Professional?

Termite Control – When Should You Hire a Professional?

San Antonio Termite Control

Are you torn between hiring a professional and working on the termites control yourself? You aren’t alone; most homeowners are faced with the dilemma. Termites are highly destructive, and that’s why it is necessary to engage the right termite control approaches. Whether you opt for DIY or professional termite control, getting the basics right will influence the termite treatment process’s success.

Here are a few insights to help you decide when to hire a professional termite control company.

Knowing the Termites Type

Different types of termites can invade your house. Understanding the different termite types can help you determine the best termite control method. For instance, controlling subterranean termites is different from how you will control drywood termites.

If you use the wrong chemicals, you can cause significant harm to yourself and the animals around your home. That will, you also miss out on the best ways to control the termites appropriately. It would help to get assistance from a professional to identify the type of termites in your home.

Is it advisable to combine treatment types?

If you use different treatment types, mostly baits and liquids, you stand a high chance of effectively addressing the problem. In case you opt to combine the two approaches, ensure that you set baits a distance away from the last place you sprayed.

When should I use baits?

Usually, one goal of the baiting approach is to identify and monitor the behavior of the termites for proper placement or adjustment of the bait. Besides this approach relatively easy to use, most baits are environmentally friendly, hence would have no adverse impacts on your children or pets. The use of baits is considered an effective approach when you aim at preventing or controlling termites.

When to Hire a Professional Termites Control Company

Numerous factors should influence your choice of the professional termite control approach. First, the degree of damage caused by the termites should help you settle on a professional termites control company. There comes a time when the safety of your family and property comes first, than the need to save a little money. If you do not have the luxury of waiting for a several months to see results, it is high time you hired a professional to deal with the infestation once and for all.

Usually, the inappropriate use of pesticides can have adverse impacts on your family and the surroundings. If you don’t know how to identify the termites, or you are not sure what chemicals to use or even how to use them effectively, you should engage a professional in this field to help you.

If you haven’t tried DIY treatment before with success, doing it now may be a risky and costly process. So, it is advisable to engage a professional right away.


Hiring an expert in termite control comes with so many benefits, from avoiding wasting time to ensuring that the termites are successfully eliminated. Therefore, the next time you have a termoite infestation, engage a professional termite control company to help you keep these pests away!