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Scary Mice Multiplication

Scary Mice Multiplication

House Mouse

Mouse – the most invasive pest that has invaded homes across the globe. According to the National Pest Management Association, the rodent problem is rising as they invade 21 million U.S homes every winter.

Wait! What?  Yes! You read that right.

According to a recent study, there has been a 20% rise in the rodent population in the last three years.

But, how are they climbing in their population at such a rapid pace? Keep scrolling to find out.

Mice Math

We are about to play the mice multiplication to understand their life-cycle and know the reason behind the crazy rodent statistics.

So, are you ready?

Great! Let’s begin.

Female mice can produce pups about 5 to 10 times each year.

They give birth to a litter of around 12 pups (baby mice).

But this doesn’t end here!

The mother mice can mate immediately after giving birth.

To make things worse, they can get pregnant again in 24 hours.

Hold on! There is more to it.

The female mouse reaches its maturity in just 6 weeks and starts having its pups.

Each female mouse gives birth to an average of 15 litters a year.

So, by this logic, if a family of 6 mice invades your home, they can quickly grow into 60 within one year.

Therefore, female mice are breeding machines. Hence, proved.

So, how many mice did you encounter in your home, and for how long?

Now do the maths yourself with the above multiplication formula.

Scary figures?

That’s enough reason to panic. To simplify, let us put it this way, you are screwed!

Tips to Mouse-proof your house

Mice are evil houseguests that can stay invisible for a long time, damaging your property and your health. Listed below are some tips you can try to rid of house mice.

  • No Entry –Identify and eliminate all the entry points of mice. Seal all the entries, including the wall openings for utility pipes and vents and other spots. Since mice can squeeze themselves even into the smallest possible entry, be sure to seal up even the tiniest of crack that you see.
  • Baits & Traps –Setting a mousetrap and placing baits are a conventional yet effective way of getting rid of them. The classic wooden mousetrap or mouse-approved foods such as bacon, chocolate, oatmeal can work wonders for a house that has spotted the first mouse. But, for other mouse infestations, you may have to try a different method.
  • Get a pet –Pets such as cats and dogs are natural predators hence perfect mice catchers., They can put an end to your mice infestation problem without you lifting a finger. However, be sure that your family members are not allergic to cats.
  • Pest Control Professionals –The best, safest, and most convenient way to get rid of mice infestation are to hire a professional for a thorough inspection and customized solution. Calling a pest control company will save you time, effort, and the hassles of setting DIY traps.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, the more the count of mice in your home, the worse the problems you have. If you have spotted a mouse in your house, take immediate action before the scary mice multiplication can soon turn into reality.

Seek immediate help of the professionals or the exterminators. They will assess the mice count in your home to create the most effective plan to eradicate mice for good.

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