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Housefly Control Tips | San Antonio & Austin Exterminator Experts

Housefly Control Tips | San Antonio & Austin Exterminator Experts

San Antonio Fly Control

Housefly Control Tips | San Antonio & Austin Exterminator Experts

Having a housefly in your home can be incredibly annoying. Not only do they have a frustrating buzz sound, land on food, and bump into everyone in the house, they can also be tough to control or eliminate.

However, you don’t have to keep up with flies in your house. The secret to getting rid of the flies is to prevent them in the first place. Here are some tips to help you control the flies, but don’t worry if none of the methods are working for you. Call a pest control professional to advise you on the best solution for your situation.

Know Your Enemy

Before you can use any control method, first know your enemy. Understand why and when they are there.

Most house fly control methods depend on the time of year. Controls that work in summer are not necessarily effective during winter or cool seasons. One thing for sure is that during summer, houseflies are in plenty. The most effective method, in that case, is to eliminate their breeding grounds.

During winter, flies will look for any chance to hide as they wait for warmer periods. The best control tip is to seal cracks in your home’s flooring or on the walls and consider using a spray insecticide to repel the flies. But, make sure you use the insecticide as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, and if you are not sure, contact a pest control expert to guide you.

Also, since flies lay their eggs in cans, dog kennels, and in garbage areas, be sure to clean those areas to eliminate their source of food and thus solve the root problem.


House flies are attracted to garbage or filth. So keeping your house clean is one of the best prevention methods for flies. Here are some of the sanitization methods you can use.

  • Cover or remove garbage cans often.
  • Maintain all pet feeding areas as clean as possible.
  •  Cover non-refrigerated foods to avoid flies buzzing over them and clean spills as soon as they happen.
  • Eliminate areas that have moisture, for they can result in breeding grounds.

Use Mechanical Controls

These are non-chemical methods used to eliminate flies. One of the ways is Fly swatters, which you can use to eliminate a small number of flies but make sure it does not come into contact with food.

Another method you can use is trapping. You can use ribbons with odor attractant and mostly use white stripes for flies are attracted to it. Also, you can use bait traps with sugar, meat, fruit, or molasses.

Lastly, turning on and off ultraviolet light traps can be very useful, especially if appropriately placed. Please don’t put it outside to attract flies but instead place it far from other light sources such as the sun and not more than 5 feet from the floor.

Chemical Control

Though most people use chemical control as the first house flies control method, it should not be the case. It should be the last solution to avoid the flies getting resistant to the chemicals. It would be best to use a professional to handle this because they know the precautions to use and the right quantity.

Contact a Pest Control Expert

Have you used all the above methods and still feeling frustrated? Do not worry. Contact a professional who has had experience and training in house fly control methods for any inquiries. That will give insight into the underlying issues for the persistent fly infestation, and at the same time, you will get advice on the most suitable method for you.