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Recognizing Dangerous Spider Bites

Recognizing Dangerous Spider Bites

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Spider bites are fairly common, and most lead to little pain and a rash. However, there are spider species that invade the home, species such as the brown recluse and the black widow, which will cause acute symptoms when they bite a person. On top of that, some people are allergic to spider venom, which makes the bites ever more dangerous. Here is how you can recognize a dangerous spider bite:

Signs that the bite is dangerous

If you are able to see the spider that bites you, you want to seek medical care right away if you were bitten by a black widow or by a brown recluse. However, it’s not always possible to see the spider, because it might escape, or you may not be able to find its body.

As a general rule, you should seek medical attention immediately if you know that you have an allergy to spider venom. If, after a bite, you begin to develop the symptoms of an allergic reaction, symptoms such as trouble breathing, severe swelling or itchiness near the bite area or in your throat and eyes, a fast heart rate, and loss of consciousness, you will need medical attention as fast as possible.

Finally, you will be able to tell if you were bitten by a dangerous spider as the symptoms develop. If you start to get a fever, the wound site starts to enlarge, you have red streaks coming from the bite site, or you start to develop muscle cramps, blisters, flu-like symptoms, and fever, you are dealing with a serious bite.

First aid treatment

In most cases, a spider bite can be treated at home, and mild symptoms may last for about two days. The first aid treatment procedure for spider bites is very simple. Start by cleaning the area to reduce the risk of infection, and make sure that you keep it clean while the wound heals. Then, you can apply ice for about ten minutes to reduce inflammation and pain. You can wrap the ice in a piece of cloth to avoid too much exposure to the cold.

Removing dangerous spiders from the home

If you have dangerous spiders in the home, it’s important that you avoid them until you get help from a pest control pro, who will be able to remove the spiders and their nests. Contact us today if you have any questions about your spider control options, or if you need help with removing spiders from the home.