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How to Keep Your Premises Free from Black Widows?

How to Keep Your Premises Free from Black Widows?

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Isn’t it natural to freak out when you see the black widow spider scurrying around your house? Along with other pest issues, spider control has become crucial for homeowners. While these spider species do a great job by preying on insects, having too many of them can cause an actual problem.

If you are dealing with the black widow spider infestation, people have rational and irrational fear because of its poisonous bite. The fear gradually increases when the spring and summer arrive when you can see their increased activity. Let’s discuss some of the techniques to protect your sweet home from black widow spiders:

The telltale signs of a black widow spider:

Here’s the good news. Black widow spiders are easy to identify. These spider species have a large bulbous body, skinny legs, and a red hourglass marking on the underside of the abdomen. They are around 13mm in length.

The male black widow spider is half the dimension of the female spiders with more elongated legs having orange-brown color at the joints. Depending on the spider species, the male spiders may have red-white stripes under the abdomen.

Dangers of black widow infestation:

We all have read about the horrifying stories of black widow spider bites. Once bitten, you may face weakness with body aches, pains, fever, and sweating. People fear black widow spider bites because of the stories claiming that spider bites are fatal.

However, these spider species are not aggressive and will attack only when they feel threatened. Thus, eliminating them from your house is the best solution.

Areas of black widow infestation:

Spiders prefer to stay outdoors. However, they don’t mind dangling in front of your face or running against the wall, freaking your heart out.

Spiders prefer to build their spider webs in dark and closed areas. You may find it in your bedroom, basements, and attics.

Protect your home from black widow spiders

It is best to remove the black widow spider infestation even though they are not aggressive. They can bite children and pets.

Here are some ways to protect your house from these spiders:

Seal entryways:

Keep a constant check on the holes, cracks, and crevices of your house. Check windows, doors, and other areas from where spiders find their way inside your home.

Seal these areas with spray foam, weather-stripping, or caulk.

Remove moisture:

Black widow spiders are attracted to locate in areas having high moisture content. Keep the low level of moisture to deter the spider species from your home.

Routine cleaning:

Black widow spiders get more visible in cluttered areas. Always keep your house clean and wear gloves while removing the garbage bins regularly.

How professionals remove these spider species?

You may hire a pest control professional to remove these spider species. Here are some of the few reasons why you should take an expert opinion:


Nothing can beat the years of experience that pest control professionals have.

Organic pest control methods:

It is more crucial to avoid using harmful chemicals when removing these pests. A responsible pest control expert will always recommend eco-friendly methods.


You certainly don’t want these species to haunt you back. A professional expert will guarantee their work and ensure the complete removal of these spider species.