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How to Keep Wasps from Returning?

How to Keep Wasps from Returning?

Dealing with wasps can be a painful journey for most of the homeowners having a wasp infestation. Wasps are known for ruining your summer backyard parties with your friends and families. However, these pests are beneficial for the environment.

However, no one would love to see these pests flying in and around your home. So, to all the homeowners, if you are having a tough time removing these annoying pests, do follow these tips:

How to keep wasps from returning:

It is not a good idea to let the wasps fly in and around your home. Do you know wasps do not stay at one place for long, and once the Queen wasp dies, they will never reuse the nest again?

If you want your home to be wasp-proof, here are the things you can do to prevent them from returning:

Inspect your home:

Seal off every single hole from the possible places through wasps can enter. Inspect your home for loose sidings, gaps, holes on cable wires, and broken panels outside your house, and ensure that the doors and windows do not have cracks. Don’t forget to inspect your basement, garage, eaves, and soffits of your home as these places can have wasp infestation.

Inspect the yard:

It is not possible to remove flowers and trees from your yard. Instead, you can look for holes around the yard where wasps build their nest. If you see burrows, cover them with soil.

Move the nest:

We do not recommend moving the wasp nest yourself as it is dangerous. If you want to remove the nest, remove it when it is early morning or dark when the wasps are inactive. Wear protective clothing and gently move the nest to a safe place.

Have fresh spearmint leaves:

You can have spearmint leaves in your car if they attack you. Keep the windows open, and the wasps will fly away as they do not like the smell of spearmint leaves.

Grow plants that repel wasps:

Apart from spearmint leaves, wasps hate the smell of lemongrass, thyme, and eucalyptus. You can grow these plants around your house to prevent them from coming. You can also use peppermint, clove, and other essential oils to get rid of wasps.

Fool them with wasp decoys:

Wasp decoys imitate fake nests which look like an original nest. Wasps are highly territorial creatures, and if they see these nests, they will try to look and build their nests elsewhere.

Clear the trash:

Make sure you don’t pile up the trash and keep it inside or around your house. If you have compost piles or unused wood, cover the lid as wasp will attract these elements and build their nests.

Don’t wear sweet fragrances and floral decors:

We all know that wasps love flowers and sweet fragrances. Don’t wear sweet perfumes as they will attract wasps. Also, don’t have beautiful floral decor around your house as it will have uninvited guests inside your home.

Wrapping up:

Consult a pest control expert to recommend some of the best methods to remove wasp infestation even after trying all the above methods.