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How Termite Colonies Start And End

How Termite Colonies Start And End

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All termite colonies have a start and an end, and while some may take a while to get going, most will be able to survive for a very long time if they are not controlled. Let’s take a closer look at the lifecycle of a termite colony and how this lifecycle affects home infestations.

How termite colonies start

All termite colonies start with a swarmer. Swarmers are a part of the reproductive caste of a colony, along with the queen. However, they do not spawn workers for their home colony. Instead, they have to fly out by the thousands in order to mate with each other and establish colonies of their own.

Once a colony reaches a certain stage, the queen will change its breeding patterns to start producing swarmers. These swarmers have to be mass produced because the majority of them will die without ever successfully starting a colony. After all, the male swarmers die shortly after mating, and the female swarmers have to kickstart an entire colony by themselves until the first workers reach maturity and are able to take over the tasks of running the nest.

How a colony ends

Termite colonies tend to be more resilient than certain ant colonies. In an ant colony, if the queen dies for whatever reason, the colony is over. In a termite colony however, a different member of the reproductive caste can take on the role of the queen if the original queen dies. This means that a termite colony can go on for a very long time without direct intervention.

So the only way a termite colony really ends is when you end it yourself, using a control method. There are four main ways to eradicate a termite colony – the chemical barrier, the baiting system, the localized treatment, and fumigation. All these methods are best implemented by a pest control professional or team however, and each comes with their pros and cons.

If you talk to a pest control company, they will be able to guide you through the various methods and help you make the best choice for your situation. After that, the requested method is implemented, and your home will be termite-free. For more information on the life cycle of termite colonies and the control methods that can be used to end it, or if you suspect that you have an infestation that needs to be removed, contact us today.