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How Long Does It Take A Pro To Get Rid Of Rats?

How Long Does It Take A Pro To Get Rid Of Rats?


Every single minute that goes by with a rat infestation is a minute too long, but if you’ve hired a pro to get rid of the infestation, you are already on the fast track to get rid of the pests. Let’s take a look at how long various control methods take to get rid of rats when they are employed by a pro.

Getting rid of rats quickly

There are several ways that you can ensure that a rat infestation will be removed faster when baits and poisons are used. To start, you want to make sure that all other food sources are unreachable. Keep food and pet food in sealed containers, and have lids for your garbage cans. This will force rats to go for the food in traps or baits, instead of their usual sources. Rats are paranoid by nature, so they will stick to food that they know is safe, instead of any new food in their environments, if they are given the choice.

How long do traps take to remove an infestation?

Traps are often used against smaller rat infestations, and for that purpose they are very effective and fast. It takes the rats a few days however to get the courage to approach the trap, even if it has their favorite food on it, and the trap has to be placed in a position where the rat will want to approach. If you are dealing with a larger infestation though, the traps will not be that effective. Not only do you have to constantly check the traps, remove any dead rats, and reset them, you also have to deal with the issue that the rats will start avoiding the traps once they see their cohorts dying to them.

How long do poisons take to remove an infestation?

For larger infestations, a pro will use poisons. Poisons have the disadvantage of leaving dead rats everywhere, and sometimes in hard to reach areas, but they will get rid of any infestation. In terms of duration, poisons may take up to a few weeks to remove an entire infestation if it’s large, with 3-6 days to death after the poison has been ingested.

If you would like to know more about traps, poisons and how long the pest control process takes, contact us today and we will happily answer your questions.