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How Do Pest Control Professionals Eradicate Spiders That Are Hiding Within Wall Voids?

How Do Pest Control Professionals Eradicate Spiders That Are Hiding Within Wall Voids?

While a large number of spider species can be found within Texas homes, most species enter homes inadvertently while searching for insect prey. Very few spider species are in the habit of infesting homes, and it is rare for spiders to invade homes in large numbers. The spiders most frequently found in large numbers within Texas homes include American house spiders, southern house spiders, cellar spiders, and harvestman, the last of which is more commonly known as a daddy long legs, and they are technically Opiliones, not true spiders. Unfortunately, the two most dangerous spider species in the US, brown recluses and black widows, are known for establishing sizable infestations within homes under certain conditions. Both of these spider species can be found in Texas, and they tend to congregate in cluttered indoor areas, such as storage spaces, attics, basements, and garages. Preventing spiders from invading homes is the best control method, as most insecticide formulations cannot provide residual control.

Sticky glue traps are widely available for spider control, and while they are insufficient for controlling heavy spider infestations, glue traps can indicate where in a home spiders have established harborages, and which species are present. Although insecticides will not provide lasting spider control, spraying the bottom of door frames, baseboards, window sills and entry points on the exterior walls of homes will temporarily repel spiders before they crawl indoors. Wettable powder insecticides provide residual control of spiders, as do some liquid concentrate sprays, which are useful for exterminating spiders within wall voids. The total release aerosol foggers that are widely available in stores are largely inadequate for eliminating heavy spider infestations, and they are not designed to eliminate spiders within tight spaces. In order to exterminate spiders that congregate within wall voids, such as brown recluse spiders, pest control professionals inject insecticide dust through tiny holes drilled into walls. Insecticide dusts are highly effective and only minimal amounts are needed to be effective. Generally, heavy spider infestations require the services of a licensed pest control professional who possesses the insecticides and equipment necessary to perform a safe spider control program.

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