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Guide To The Spider Control Process

Guide To The Spider Control Process

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Spiders can be terrifying, and in some cases, for good reason. The black widow or the brown recluse for example can land you in the hospital if they bite you. As such, we want to keep these arachnids out of our homes. In this article, we’re going to go over the process to do just that.


All pest control processes start with an inspection. When you hire a specialist to deal with a spider infestation, he will first consult you to get as much information as possible, and then move on to locate the infestation, identify the species responsible, and find out why the infestation happened in the first place. Usually, the interior, exterior and the underside of the home will be checked.


The treatment can be split into two categories – implementing exclusion methods and active removal. For active removal, the pest control pro will identify spider nests and apply insecticides directly on them, or he will set up baits and kill the spiders that way. Glue boards may also be used in strategic locations.

The exclusion methods are designed to prevent future infestations. This can mean installing perimeter treatments that are applied around the foundation of the home, treating eaves, windows and overhangs with residual insecticides, and treating cracks and crevices in the interior of the home. Depending on the severity of the infestation, certain outdoor areas and objects will be treated as well. This can include patios, fence lines, walkways, under and around decks, and light fixtures.

Sometimes, the underside of the home has to be treated as well. Spiders love dark, damp, cluttered spaces, and basements or crawl spaces can be ideal nesting locations. To remove spiders from these areas, the pro may fog them with residual insecticide that will kill spiders and any other insects that may be present.

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With a professional treatment, your home will be both spider-free and protected from spiders over the long term. This type of treatment is particularly useful in areas of the country where you have black widow and brown recluse infestations. These spiders can be very dangerous, and a bite can land people in the hospital or worse, if the person has a compromised immune system. If you would like to find out more about our spider removal services, their costs and how they are implemented, contact us today.