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Getting Rid OF Spiders

Getting Rid OF Spiders

Brown Recluse Spider

When you see a spider, you might think it is a brown recluse. You are wondering whether it is a sign of infestation or an isolated sighting. You may ignore these spider species, considering them as less dangerous. However, there is a reason to worry as brown recluses are potentially deadly. To understand how to remove the brown recluse, you need to know more about these spider species.

Brown recluse spider identification:

  • Brown recluse spiders have soft bodies with tan-brown to dirt brown and uniform coloration.
  • These spider species have oval-shaped abdomen with six eyes arranged in a pair of two.
  • These spiders do not have spines. Instead, they have fine hairs with uniform coloration.
  • If the body and legs have different colors, then it is not a brown recluse spider.
  • The brown recluse spider has distinct violin marks above the eyes, which reduces off while reaching the abdomen.

Getting rid of brown recluse spiders outdoors:

The reclusive nature of these spider species makes them hide in several places. These spiders have a poisonous bite and are visible in the USA.

Prevention starts outdoors. Having spiders inside your house is considered a natural form of pest control because they eat undesirable insects. However, the brown recluse has a different story. These nasty critters have a poisonous bite and pierce through the skin affecting the skin tissues. Let’s face it and learn various ways to get rid of them.

Plant the following trees and carry out these methods in your house:

  • Eucalyptus:

Eucalyptus trees work as natural insect repellants, and it works the same for the brown recluse spiders.

  • Minimize the lights:

Outdoor lighting can attract insects and indirectly attract the brown recluse spiders.

  • Fill cracks and crevices:

Filling the gaps and holes around the windows, wall foundations, and entry doors will keep away the spiders away from entering your house.

Getting rid of brown recluse spiders indoors:

It is logical to try getting rid of these spider species from the outdoors. If any of the methods do not work, and if the spiders have found their way inside, you may try using the indoor techniques.

  • Clean:

Well, having spiders isn’t a sign of a dirty home. However, the spider gets attracted to food sources. Keep your home, and make sure to remove all the excess dirt from your kitchen pantry. These methods will decrease the insects and ultimately the brown recluse spiders preying on those insects.

  • Spray:

Spraying the pesticides directly on the spiders will kill them, and the residue will make them avoid coming back again. Spraying the pesticides on the cracks and crevices will make the spiders deter away from those places.

  • Sticky paper:

Set up sticky paper traps around your house. Make sure to place them around the areas where more spiders are visible. Although you won’t catch every spider hiding inside your home, you may find other insects sticking on the paper, such as ants, cockroaches, and silverfish.

Wrapping up:

Now, if you have learned the steps and ways of getting rid of brown recluse spiders, make sure to consult professional pest experts who know everything in detail. Contact us today if you are having issues with a spider infestation.