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Frequently Asked Questions about Ant Control

Frequently Asked Questions about Ant Control

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Controlling or preventing ant infestations isn’t one of the simplest things to do. So many species of ants exist, making it hard to determine which method best suits the ants in your house. Moreover, without the appropriate knowledge about ants in general, you will find it daunting to keep these crawly creatures away from your house.

If you have had ants invade your home previously, then you must have numerous questions. In this guide, we look at some of the frequently asked questions about ants and ants control.

1. Why do ants come into the house?

Black and carpenter ants can invade the house at any time. Whereas different ants have various reasons for invading houses, the most common reason why ants come to any house is to look for shelter and scout for food. If they find food in your home, they may look for wooden structures to build their nest.

2. Where do ants come from?

Ants are not indoor creatures – they rarely live indoors. They will create nests in any conducive area within your backyard. If their nests are outside your home, you will only see them in your house when they are looking for food. Once they discover a food source in your house, they notify the others who carry the food to share with the entire colony.

3. Is there a certain time when ants invade homes?

You will notice these small creatures crawling in your home during summer and spring. During these months of the year, the ants move out to look for water and food sources.

4. Should the sight of ants in my house concern me?

No doubt, ants are a nuisance; only a few species are destructive. The majority of ants do not offer a significant threat to your property.

5. How best can I treat ant infestation?

You can address an infestation by chemical means, biologically, or using baits. However, the ant control method you use should be informed by various factors, including the ant species and the area invaded. You can try treating an ant infestation by yourself, but you will get more benefits if you engage an ant professional.

6. What’s the most appropriate way to control ant infestations?

Ants will always find their way into your home if you allow them. Moist areas attract ants and other pests. If you want to prevent ants from invading your house, you must seal all entry points, keep the house clean such that they don’t find any food there, and drain all moisture in the house. In case of an infestation, the method you choose should depend on the species in your house.


If you have noticed a few ants loitering around your house, you need to take action immediately before they reproduce to become a menace. Whereas there are numerous ways of preventing and controlling an ant infestation, hiring a professional ant control service is the most recommendable approach. Professional ant controllers will know how to identify the ant species, devise the best control methods, and futureproof your house against a further infestation. Get in touch with a professional pest control company near you to address your ant infestation.