Due To Recent Climatic Conditions, Several Common Creepy-Crawly Pests Will Become An Issue Within San Antonio Homes, Particularly Cockroaches

Due To Recent Climatic Conditions, Several Common Creepy-Crawly Pests Will Become An Issue Within San Antonio Homes, Particularly Cockroaches

San Antonio Roach Control

A recent nationwide study conducted by researchers with the National Pest Management Association has revealed that common insect and arachnid pests are going to become an issue for residents of San Antonio between now and the official end of the winter season on March 19. San Antonio was one of only 10 metropolitan areas in the US that researchers believe will see an emergence of household pests during the next few weeks as a result of erratic climatic conditions over the past few months. According to the study’s authors, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and most significantly, cockroaches are the arthropod pests expected to appear within and around homes in the city.

Cockroaches are likely to become the most troublesome insect home-invaders in San Antonio during the next month. Cockroach numbers in urban and suburban areas within and around the city are expected to skyrocket as a result of the unseasonably warm temperatures during the fall and early winter of 2019 and the above average degree of precipitation during the remainder of the winter season. The frequent rainfall and warm temperatures during December and January in San Antonio has provided insect pests and their eggs with the conditions they need to thrive and develop rapidly as they emerge from their winter hideaways. In response to early snowfall last year, insect pests, particularly roaches, invaded homes in large numbers to escape the harsh conditions. However, the warmth that followed caused snow to melt and allowed insect pests to survive the winter season with plenty of water. Under normal climatic conditions, large numbers of insects die-off during the cold of winter.

Heavy water absorption in the ground-soil will be giving adult insects that overwinter beneath plant debris, wood piles, logs, and branches the boost they need upon waking from their long winter slumber. Mosquito and cockroach eggs that are highly dependent on moisture for surviving and developing properly will have no problem surviving the early spring season San Antonio. In fact, many insect pests that are usually still dormant at this time of year are already emerging in the city. In order to keep cockroaches from invading your home, all cracks, crevices and other potential entry points on the exterior walls of homes should be sealed with caulk. Vegetation should not make contact with exterior walls, and shrubs and turf grass should be well groomed to reduce moisture retention around homes, which provides cockroaches and mosquitoes with ideal living conditions.

Have you taken measures to prevent insect pests from invading your home this spring?