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Can House Flies Breed Within Homes? Do They Pose Any Danger To Residents?

Can House Flies Breed Within Homes? Do They Pose Any Danger To Residents?

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While they may be called house flies, this species of fly generally stay outdoors, not entering homes unless windows and doors have torn screens or are left open for a period of time. They are meant to live outdoors, and aren’t much of an indoor pest unless they find their way inside because of one of the reasons mentioned above. You definitely want to keep them outside too, because they might not bite, but you won’t like the kinds of places they tend to hang around, and the things they can spread to people from those unsavory places.

House flies breed in decaying organic matter such as garbage and feces. For this reason, you can often find much more of them outside around places like farms, which provide plenty of feces from animals or decaying food used for compost. They shouldn’t be breeding inside your home unless you need to do some serious cleaning. Doing things like not taking out the garbage or cleaning up your kitchen is a great way to provide them with places to breed and multiply. Of course, a pest that breeds in garbage and feces might not be the safest or most sanitary insect to have flying around you and your family. Making sure to keep your house clean and garbage-free is the best way to avoid flies wanting to stay inside, let alone breed in your home.

Flies are much more than a nuisance and should definitely be considered a danger to the health of residents. House flies are filthy creatures, and thought to carry over 100 diseases, and they can easily spread these diseases to any humans they come in contact with. They spend a lot of time around feces and other decaying matter, and carry all of the filth they touch around with them. Whenever they land on a surface, let’s say your dinner plate or kitchen counter, they deposit some of the feces they carry around with them and then regurgitate on that same surface. I don’t think I need to explain why that is extremely hazardous to our health. Every time they touch something, it gets doused in this lovely pair of utterly disease-ridden substances. This is the means by which they spread those 100 plus diseases.

Have you ever found flies breeding in your garbage?