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Avoid Halloween Blood Suckers!

Avoid Halloween Blood Suckers!

Little kids at a Halloween party

Blood-sucking pests like mosquitoes, ticks and bed bugs will continue to be a problem throughout most of the country come Halloween, and while bed bugs do not transmit diseases like mosquitoes and ticks do, they’re just as troublesome if found in the home and incredibly hard to get rid of. Whether you plan on being snuggled up indoors watching a horror film or helping the little ones get into their costumes for some socially distant trick-or-treating, it’s important to stay vigilant in your pest proofing efforts to help keep your family protected.

Avoid any unwanted house visits with these pest prevention tips recommended by iPest Solutions:

  • Double-check your trick-or-treater’s costume for ticks before they come indoors
  • If you’re planning on riding on a hayride or taking an adventure through a corn maze, wear long sleeves and pants to avoid exposure to ticks and mosquitoes
  • Properly apply an EPA-registered insect repellent containing at least 20 percent DEET to deter mosquitoes and other pests
  • If you’re traveling this Halloween, thoroughly inspect the bed, dresser and couch in your hotel room for bed bugs
  • Screen windows, doors and chimneys to prevent pests from coming indoors
  • Inspect any fall décor for pests before bringing anything indoors
  • If an infestation is suspected, contact a licensed pest control professional to help accurately assess and treat the situation