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Are Termite Treatments Safe?

Are Termite Treatments Safe?

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Are Termite Treatments Safe?

Termite treatments are used to eradicate infestations from the home, and they are very effective. However, some people are concerned about the safety of using these treatments, and about any health risks that they may pose. In this article, we’re going to go over the different treatments and whether or not they pose any safety threat.


The fumigation method is used to deal with extensive drywood termite infestations, so it is not that commonly used. Your home will be covered by a tent, and a chemical gas will be released inside. You, your family, and your pets will have to vacate the building for the duration of the treatment, and for 12 hours afterwards while the home is being aerated. You will also have to remove all food, medicine and edible supplies before starting. The treatment method poses a minimal health risk if all instructions are followed carefully.

Bait systems

Baiting systems are the least risky and least toxic method for getting rid of termites. This method entails placing poisoned cellulose in containers inside the ground, which are only accessible to termites. The termites will be drawn to the cellulose, and they will take it back to the colony, where it will poison many members of the colony, eventually reaching the queen and killing it off. This will lead to the complete destruction of the colony.

Wood treatments

Wood treatments are used when a drywood termite infestation is localized, and they consist of injecting the wood with insecticidal foams or liquids. They may also come in the form of a spray that is applied to the surface of the wood. Borates may also be used as a less toxic alternative to chemical pesticides. These are more dangerous than other treatments on this list, since they are applied indoors and they have contact with the air. A pest control specialist will advise you on proper precautions if this treatment method is used.

Chemical barriers

Chemical barriers are applied around the home, and they consist of a liquid pesticide that is injected into the ground near the foundation. This treatment is not dangerous to humans or pets, but it can affect insects in the ground. However, the ecological impact is not great enough to warrant serious concern.

If you would like to know more about termite treatments, what they consist of, how much they cost, or how safe they are, contact us today and we will answer any questions you may have.